Switbert Lobisser Mein Exlibris

"Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit"

Switbert Lobisser

Switbert Lobisser


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In der  Zeitschrift: International STUDIO (associated with The Conniosseur), a magazine for collectors, eine amerikanische Zeitschrift, die sich an Kunstsammler wendet, schrieb Williams Ayrshire im November 1927:

In the most characteristic work of Lobisser, on the contrary, the eye is caught in the intricate design, and entrapped in it much as a wanderer through a forest is led onward along a path overgrown with wood and overhung with branches which take on grotesque shapes and fantastic meanings. The mystery of the forest is in them. These prints are full of abrupt twists and turns, hidden secrets the eye discovers only after long, patient study. Branches and trunks of trees suggest grotesque twisted spirits about to spring into action.

But more mysterious, when one approaches these prints ignorant of their maker, is the profoundly religious spirit of many of them, the daring re-interpretation of the Annunciation to the Shepherds, or of the Madonna of the Forest..

All these vaious elements in the art of Switbert Lobisser - the religious love of nature, fantasy, genial grotesquerie - are all illuminated, all integrated rather,, when one learns that the artist is, as a matter of fact, a Benedictine friar, living in the monastery of Saint Paul, in Carinthia, in the Austrian Alps.

How inevitable then, one is tempted to exclaim, this love of the woods, this thickly tangled design of treee and brush, of woodsman and huntsman, this suggestion of Alpine architecture, of clean mountain air that sweeps through all his designs! Here is no modern Dürer, as Emil Hansel, Lobisser's American representative, has characterized him, but rather a Fra Angelico, a Fra Bartolomeo of the twentieth century, expressing his adoration in black and white!


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